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Fee Schedules For Telehealth And Onsite Exams
We require a 48 hour cancellation notice prior to your appointment or we will need to charge for the missed consultation. This allows us to help other patients that would like to use that time slot. Thank you for your consideration.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds if cancellation or no shows within 48  hours of appointment. Cancellations greater than 48 hours will result in  10% admin fee due to our costs.

It is recommnded that the initial consultation be for 60 minutes so we can go over your past medical history and your wellness goals. It is important that you bring any medical information pertaining to your issues along with medications, over the counter and prescription, that you are currently taking. It would also help to bring along any dietary information such as a food diary or schedule.

Patient Appointment Fees

Appointment Fees:
Telehealth Appointment 60 minutes - $110
Telehealth Appointment 45 minutes - $95
Telehealth Appointment 30 minutes - $65


Ultrasound Limited: $100 - Includes appointment fee, ultrasound exam and assessment. This covers one organ or a small area. This is the most common type of ultrasound exam and is usually all that is needed.

Ultrasound Extensive: $130 - Includes appointment fee, ultrasound exam and assessment.

EKG $80 - Includes appointment fee, EKG exam and assessment.

Urinalysis $85 - Includes appointment fee, urinalysis test and assessment.


Adult Physical $90 - Includes appointment fee, physical exam and assessment.
Child (under 18) Physical $65- Includes appointment fee, physical exam and assessment.

Visual Inspection Exam $40 - Done if doctor deems necessary.

The cost of any herbs purchased through us are kept very low.
All herbs are sourced from high quality suppliers using organic or wild crafted with sustainability in mind.

What you can expect from the First Consultation

During the initial consultation a detailed case history will be taken covering your present complaint along with your previous medical history, medications, lifestyle factors, diet and family history in order to gain an understanding of your general health. Appropriate diet and lifestyle changes will be discussed along with what you can expect from these discussions.

Your progress will be assessed in a follow up consultation (typically two to four weeks after the initial follow up). This will allow for re-evaluation and appropriate alterations to your program.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the severity of your issues and we will be happy to discuss this prior to booking a consultation.

Prices subject to change without notice.
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