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Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center Telehealth Appointments and what to expect.

With  today's fear infused environment we find it best to transition to a  virtual practice where we will continue to serve patients with severe,  chronic issues. Each patient is welcome to contact our practice to see if they would like to utilize the new  format.

The dispensary will also remain open as an online store  and is currently available to all patients and non-patients alike. You  can buy your medications and supplements online and either have them  shipped to you or you can go to our pick up location in Redding to  collect them after they have been purchased online.

With the new virtual format, active patients are still able to obtain their lab work and such as we deem it needed for ordering.

Scheduling  for your 30 or 60  minute chronic, monthly virtual appointments (phone  or video) will be available online as of September 1st 2020.


To Book an online appointment please click the link below:

Telehealth (also  called virtual care, or virtual health)  is the use of digital  information and communication technologies, such  as computers and  mobile devices, to gain access to health care services  remotely.

These  virtual visits with your provider can be a phone  conversation, or a  video visit using your smartphone, tablet or  computer.

Once  you have established the technology and connectivity, a  telehealth  visit will typically begin similarly to a face-to-face  visit by asking  questions about the patient's medical history. Depending  on the  equipment available at the patient's location, some vital signs  can be  gathered, such as weight, blood pressure, and temperature.


Through  a telehealth visit, a healthcare provider can do a medication check,  evaluate  how a treatment or therapy is working, and see how a patient  is  breathing or moving.

Telephone (audio only) appointments

A  telephone appointment is just a phone conversation between you and   your provider. Your provider’s office will let you know in advance, and   remind you, that your appointment is over the telephone.

What do I need?
  • A phone

Video appointments

During  a video appointment, you can see your provider and they can  see you.  This is very helpful when your provider needs to see your  symptoms, or  check on things like injury recovery.

For  these visits, we recommend checking in well before your  scheduled  appointment, so you will have time to complete the  questionnaire and  update any necessary information.

What do I need?
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera.
  • Either Zoom or Skype programs on your computer.

Tips for communicating with your provider during a telehealth appointment
  • Follow all of the steps your provider’s office sends you.
  • Maintaining  your privacy is important. Please choose a well-lit  space with a door  that that can close for your appointment. This will  help prevent  interruptions and keep your conversation with your provider   confidential.
  • Join or call in  for your telehealth appointment a few minutes before  it is scheduled to  start, so you are ready when your provider is  available.
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