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A Holistic Approach To Curing Lyme Disease has been released on Amazon Kindle and paperback!

The purpose of this  book is to offer an alternative treatment for both acute and chronic  Lyme disease. To date there are currently 300,000 new cases of Lyme  reported in the United States each year. There are six times the  reported new cases of HIV. It is the new pandemic of this century.  Sadly, most doctors today are either not Lyme-literate or prefer to  choose the conventional approach to treatment which is simply  symptomatic with high doses of antibiotics. This method has been proven  to offer no cure for this disorder and in the end bankrupts most  patients. This book will explain in detail the etiology of Lyme, current  accepted conventional protocols, along with a treatment plan I have  been using in practice for over 20 years. I will also be discussing  successful case histories where patients were cured and remain so to  this day.

This is the first in a series of books aimed at helping the reader learn how to take care of themselves naturally.

We will cover such topics in the future as treating candida, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.

Please follow the link below to  check out the books:

The purpose of this book is to offer hope for an alternative treatment  for chronic disease. The information contained describes in a small  detail some of the work and case histories I have personally witnessed  in my 20+ years of practice as an alternative healthcare provider. You  will find a wide variety of cases ranging from simple cuts and wounds to  serious auto-immune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and type 1  diabetes along with successful treatments for cancer.

You will notice  as a common theme throughout each of these cases an overriding need for  cleansing and dietary and lifestyle changes. This displays a single  important point for ridding our bodies of disorder, cleansing it and  making the appropriate changes so we do not end up back in the old  condition.

Within these pages you will find holistic medicine’s  tried and true protocols used successfully for each and every type of  condition. Whether I have a patient come in with a cold or cancer I  basically treat them the same. Our clinic has grown throughout the years  to being the most successful holistic clinic in Northern California  because we follow Dr. Christopher’s recommendations. Over the years I  have seen thousands of patients and cannot take the time to list all of  the wonderful people I have met. I will try and cover some of the more  memorable here in this book. The names have been changed to protect  their medical privacy.

Throughout my 20+ years of practice one of the most frustrating complaints I hear from new patients is the lack of a proper diagnosis. For most, they have spent years going from one doctor to another, sometimes trying both conventional and alternative methods, to no avail. They come to the clinic sad, angry, frustrated and bitter at the medical community and have little hope remaining. This is the common attitude I am faced with each day.

I certainly do understand how they feel and I can empathize with them. My dad tried for years to get a diagnose for his chronic pulmonary issues. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, bronchitis, etc. In the end, he passed away from simple pneumonia due to a string of doctors not taking the time to figure out what was happening inside his body.

A survey was done in the United States by the AMA on how long can a doctor spend with their patients before they begin to lose money. The results were shocking. The national average was 6 minutes. Many reasons were given. Some complained of too many patients in a day. Many doctors will see up to 30 or more patients a day. Proper attention to patients with this schedule is pretty much unattainable. I have made it a point to spend no less than 30 minutes with each one.

Yes, this causes me to see less patients in the day, but each in turn gets a higher quality of attention and I am better able to do a proper intake and discuss their issues. Other reasons were also given. Another example was the cost of our overhead as a doctor. I have found this can also be misleading. I have the same insurance as most doctors in California and I actually have a higher overhead as we are not just a private practice with an office and a receptionist but a full clinic. And yet, I can still spend the time with each patient as needed. The reason for this is sometimes as simple as the overhead of the doctor’s lifestyle itself.

So, it is not unusual to find patients coming into the clinic stating their other doctors simply did not take the time to properly diagnosis their problems. What is also lacking is a proper application of diagnostic procedures. In medical school you learn about a variety of medical procedures and protocols commonly used to diagnosis a patient's presenting complaints. We learn about doing a proper intake when the patient first arrives at the clinic. We do vitals, urinalysis, blood work, scans, etc. All of these are fine and I do take advantage of each of these valuable tools. What is often missing is the education required to investigate the root cause.

Part of the medical code of ethics behind Naturopathic Medicine is to get to the root cause of the condition, not to simply treat the symptoms, This is one of the great powers of the Naturopathic profession, if properly applied. Unfortunately, even in the Naturopathic community, more and more of them are forgetting their lessons in chronic illness diagnosis and are finding it more profitable to simply treat the symptoms. I have also had occasions where an M.D. would come up to me when I was working in their hospitals and would complain about the lack of education they had received in medical school for diagnosing the root cause of chronic diseases. Some of them even went back to school years later to start their certification in Naturopathic Medicine. It is definitely a good start.

Again, after so many years of practice what have I discovered about the root causes among so many patients today in western civilization? In this, I have discovered the accuracy of the old adage, “Life is very simple, it is ourselves who complicate it”.

And, there is good news.  Enter, the root cause of most conditions … candida, parasites and heavy metal toxicity.

Within this book I will cover each of these topics in detail, describing what they are, the causes, how to diagnose, conditions caused by them, conventional treatments and how to successfully treat holistically.

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