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Online Holistic Classes


Our Home Herbalist (Herbalist Level 1) Online Course is  designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to  tackle almost any health issue.  The Home Herbalist (Herbalist Level 1)  Course is essential for anyone who wants to take charge of their own  health and become more informed, educated, and independent.  This course  explores important concepts in natural medicine that even the most experienced natural healers need to know for success.  At the completion  of this course (including a passing grade on their final) the student  receives a certificate as an Home Herbalist.
The Home Herbalist, Herbalist Level 1 course helps you to:

1.) Feel confident in *taking care of yourself and family*

2.) Become more self-sufficient

3.) Save thousands by being your *own* primary health provider

4.) Become a great resource for family and friends

5.) Understand what foods help the body fight infection

6.) Maintain a healthy lifestyle

7.) Lose weight and keep it off

8.) Learn to reduce high blood pressure or cholesterol *naturally*

9.) Learn how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy

10.) Formulate herbs preparations.

11.) Learn to treat a variety of issues affecting Women, Men and Children.

13.) How to safely care for pregnancies in a natural, holistic way.

And Much More!

With  this course you can learn to deal with many of the problems that occur  in most homes and with your family. We will cover such issues as colds,  flu, rashes, insect and snake bites, vaccines, the root causes of most  illnesses and how you can care for them at home in a natural, holistic  way.

You will learn how to treat shock and wound care, heart, lung, broken bone aftercare and a wide  variety of health complaints, using natural, herbal medicines.

One of the most valuable resources this course will give you is how to make your own medications, in the comfort of your own home.

We also cover an extensive study on Holistic First-Aid and how to treat your emergencies at home.

This  is just the beginning as we are adding multiple levels for the  Herbalist course with the aim for you to be able to become a  professional herbalist in the future if this is one of your goals.

The course is online and self-paced with the average student completing it within three months.


Services provided during your study include email access to a  Student Advisor for answers to your coursework questions,   grading of assignments, transcript mailings and shipping of courses.

The price for the class is $275.

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