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Whether you’re a medical professional, personal trainer, registered  dietitian or a parent, advanced nutrition education or recertification  can enhance your life and profession. Classes and courses cover topics  ranging from sports nutrition and metabolism to weight-loss techniques  and plans.  A nutrition course usually involves two or three classes,  and often leads to some type of certification.  Students can also take  individual classes to enhance their nutrition knowledge or skills  without earning certification. Courses and classes are both inherently  valuable, and often work hand-in-hand.

Based on the premise “you are what you eat,” the class explores the  effect of certain foods on the human body. Common, public knowledge of  functional foods is limited, and cutting edge research has much to share  on the connection between diet and the human body.


The basic level will enlighten the student on the foundational importance of whole foods  and their role in health. Learn to create a healthy diet emphasizing  the importance of whole grains, fruits, vegetable, nuts, and seeds. The  lectures cover what type of water is best to drink, internal cleansing  procedures, reprogramming genetics, recipes for good health and more.  This level includes a manual which lists the vitamin and mineral content  of various herbs and foods.

You will also learn to put together a basic nutritional menu plan for your family.

Course Length: 12 hours (Two Saturdays of 6 hours each).
Classes are scheduled for March 28th, 2020  and April 4th, 2020.
Cost: $175.


In this level we discuss how vitamins and minerals are utilizined by the body and the difference between natural and synthetic ones.
We discuss a variety of different menu plans based on calories, carbohydrates, protein and other essential requirments and how each plan can achienve different results.

We discuss how to design a menu plan nutritionally based on you or your families needs based on their uniqie issues.

Course Length: 12 hours (Two Saturdays of 6 hours each).
Cost: $175.

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