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Herbal School

What is the key to great health for you and your family?

The answer is all around you.

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries to keep us healthy.
These healing herbs***are all around us every day*--in our spice cupboards, refrigerators, gardens, and lawns.  The art of using herbs as medicine has stood the test of time and continues today with Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center.
Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center is dedicated to offering excellence in herbal education through high quality materials and assignments that not only tell you, but show you how to use herbs.

Our Family Herbalist Course is designed to empower you with the
knowledge and confidence needed to tackle almost any health issue.  The Family Herbalist Course is *essential *for anyone who wants to take charge of their own health and become more informed, educated, and independent.  This course explores important concepts in natural medicine that even the most experienced natural healers need to know for success.  At the completion of this course the student receives a certificate as a Family Herbalist.

The Family Herbalist course helps you to:

1.) Feel confident in *taking care of yourself and family*

2.) Become more self-sufficient

3.) Save thousands by being your *own* primary health provider

4.) Become a _great resource_ for family and friends

5.) Understand what foods help the body fight infection

6.) Maintain a healthy lifestyle

7.) Lose weight***and keep it off

8.) Learn to reduce high blood pressure or cholesterol *naturally*

9.) Learn how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy

10.) Formulate herbs preparations.

And Much More!


Regular tuition for the herbal study course with all books and supplies
is a one time fee of  $360.00

If you want to sign up for the herbal study course,
please use the submission form below to register.

We require at least half down to hold your spot in the class
with the remaining balance paid by the close of registration, February 8th.

Classes are to paid in full in order for us to purchase all the supplies.

Supplies include all books and tools required to complete the assignments such as capsules and encapsulators.
All supplies belong to the students

New schedule to be announced.

School Curriculum

Herbal Legacy of Courage - An inspirational study of the history of Dr. Christopher and his
journey into becoming a doctor of Herbal Medicine.

Herbal Home Health Care - This is an excellent course on natural health care for both children and adults. It covers diseases with concise definitions, symptom descriptions, causes and herbal aids. Other natural treatments are outlined, including the cold sheet treatment, the incurables program, detoxification and the mucusless diet.

* Quiz on Herbal Home Health Care

Herbs to the Rescue - An emergency first-aid herbal course. Herbs to the Rescue expounds herbs for specific diseases, along with 13 easily accessible first aid herbs. First aid techniques are also outlined. A wonderful course for hiking and camping as well as to help in any unforeseen emergency situations.

* Quiz on Herbs to the Rescue.

In-Depth Instruction - We will be including a list of valuable videos in classes.

In Depth instruction detailing:

1.) Simple Home Remedies - Basic home formulas and techniques for helping your family through
such issues as colds, flus, tonsillitis, poison oak, pneumonia, appendicitis, etc.

* Quiz on Simple Home Remedies

2.) Fundamentals of Herbology - This section will instruct you on the chemistry of plants along with the basics of human anatomy and how the immune system functions. You will learn the functions and principles of a wide variety of plants.

* Quiz on Fundamentals of Herbalogy

3.) Women's health - An in-depth course on the fundamentals for working with women's issues and diseases.

4.) Men's Health - An in-depth course on the fundamentals for working with men's issues and diseases.

5.) Children's health - An in-depth course on the fundamentals for working with children's issues and diseases.

Labs will include work on creating your own tinctures and formulating herbal preparations and making capsules. Also included will be lessons in formulating your own compounds.

Weather permitting there will be at least one Herb walk field trip in Redding.

Final Certification Test for Family Herbalist.

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