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Clinic Lab tests

Here at Tree Of Life Holistic Wellness Center it is our goal to offer affordable health care to our patients.

We believe that healthcare should be available to everyone and we try and reflect that in the price of our labs.

Below is a list of labs offered at our clinic. This is an incomplete list as we offer most blood and urine work as most clinics:

Blood test:

All the standard blood tests are at a discount. Our patients are sent to Labcorp locally.
An example of our rates:
The standard yearly blood test called a Wellness Blood Panel, including a full CBC, CMP, Lipid, Liver and Thyroid:
Our cost is simply $90, the average cost from most clinics is $650.00.

Epstein Barr Blood Test $140.00
Anemia Blood Test - $16.00
B12 Blood Test - $40.00
B12/Folate Blood Test - $60.00
Full Mold Blood Test - $210.00
Hepatic Function 7 Panel Blood Test - $50.00
Hepatitis A, B and C Blood Test - $85.00
Iron Serum Blood Test - $30.00
Lupus Autoimmune Blood Test Panel - $140.00
LH/FSH Blood Test - $50.00
Lyme Disease Western Blot Blood Test - $115.00
PSA Blood test - $40.00
Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor Blood Test - $45.00
Thyroid Blood Test - $50.00
Vitamin D Blood Test - $60.00
Syphilis Blood Test - $35.00

A1C Blood Test - In House - $15.00
Cholesterol Blood Test - In House - $15.00
H pylori Blood test - In House - $15.00
Mono Blood Test - In House - $10.00

Urine Test:

All the standard urine tests with the following examples. As you will see, a variety of them are done in house:

Urine Cytology $60.00
5 Drug Test - In house - $10.00
Pregnancy Urine Test - In House - $10.00
Full 10 step clinical urinalysis - In House - $10.00

Saliva Test:

HIV Saliva Test - In House - $40.00
Strep A Saliva Test - In House - $15.00

Stool Test:

Comprehensive Stool test - $315.00
Standard Stool Test - $60.00
Parasite and Ova Examination Stool or saliva - $65.00

Hair Test:

Heavy Metals Hair Test - $125.00

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