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Natural Cough Medicine by Peggy Spindelilus, Family Herbalist

Published by Peggy Spindelilus in Herbal · 22/3/2015 05:14:25

Natural cough medicines require a few ingredients that can be obtained at grocery or health food stores or even in your own kitchen. The purpose of natural cough medicine is to avoid the chemicals and drugs found in prescription and over-the-counter cough medicine, as well as prevent interactions that traditional cough medicines may cause when used with other medications. Remember that coughing is a symptom, not the cause of the cold. That's why you have to continue to rest and take care of yourself.

How can we combat that nagging cough and stuffiness from colds or flu? Before thinking of running to the local store for a cold and flu remedy, look in your food stock. Keeping a supply of fresh lemon, raw honey and fresh garlic during the winter months will give you a natural cough syrup, cough and cold remedy that is both tasty and nutritious, and is safe to take!

Garlic: Used as an Antibiotic: Garlic is one of the more popular home cures for colds. Many cultures have a home remedy for the cold using garlic, whether it’s vegetable soup with lots of garlic, a drink made with raw crushed garlic, or if it just involves eating raw garlic. You may add garlic liberally to soups, salad dressing, and most anything but
only after they are finished cooking. (Do Not cook your garlic it will kill the good properties) During the winter months you should keep a cold and flu syrup in your refrigerator to help prevent colds, or eat garlic at the first hint of a cold, cough, or flu. Garlic reduces congestion and may help people with bronchitis to expel mucus. Use garlic and honey as an antibiotic cough syrup.

The cold-fighting compound in garlic is thought to be allicin, which has demonstrated antibacterial and antifungal properties. Allicin is what gives garlic its distinctive hot flavor. To maximize the amount of allicin, fresh garlic should be chopped or crushed and it should be raw. Peel and crush 4 garlic cloves. Blend the crushed cloves with a tablespoon of honey. Take one teaspoonful 3 times a day. Garlic honey is great as a sore throat remedy too.

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