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We require a 24 hour cancellation notice prior to your appointment or we will need to charge for the missed consultation. This allows us to help other patients that would like to use that time slot. Thank you for your consideration.

The initial consultation will take around 60 - 90 minutes. It is important that you bring any medical information pertaining to your issues along with medications, over the counter and prescription, that you are currently taking. It would also help to bring along any dietary information such as a food diary or schedule.


Special prices/fees are available for hardship situations.

Patient Appointment Fees (Effective 4/1/13)

Reflexogy Fees:

1/2 hour $30.00
45 minutes $40.00
1 hour $55.0
A Health appointment + Reflexology Treatment $90.00

Ultrasound diagnostics:

Basic one site (organ) scan $35.00
Multiple organ/scan $50.00

We are also happy to provide the service of house calls. Within reason we will come to your location but due to the price of fuel and such we must add a surcharge of $35 to our normal consultation. We also will deliver herbal medications to your location with an added surcharge of $25. All prices are subject to change.

Herbal Medication Pickups without an appointment for two or more months:
There will be a surcharge of 15% on herbal medications when the patient has missed 2 or months of followup consultations.

The cost of any herbs purchased through us are kept very low.
All herbs are sourced from high quality suppliers.

What you can expect from the First Consultation

During the initial consultation a detailed case history will be taken covering your present complaint along with your previous medical history, medications, lifestyle factors, diet and family history in order to gain an understanding of your general health. Appropriate diet and lifestyle changes will be discussed along with what you can expect from these discussions.

Once this consultation is completed we will then ask you to return in a few days to receive a personal program detailing the historical recommendations which apply to your specific issues. In many cases this will not necessary as your issue may be minor and easily dealt with in a single session. In that case we will detail what has been done in the past for your type of issue along with a recommendation of herbs and other forms of natural applications.

Your progress will be assessed in a follow up consultation (typically two to four weeks after the initial follow up). This will allow for re-evaluation and appropriate alterations to your program.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the severity of your issues and we will be happy to discuss this prior to booking a consultation.

Complete Care Program

In many traditional cultures healers were paid not when people were ill but for the time that
people were at their best. An annual fee was often paid for whatever care might be needed
throughout the coming year. This way the healer could see patients when they needed to in
order to prevent illness as well as seeing patients who were ill.
When people get the care they need to be healthy and happy they are sick less often, and
long term illnesses are minimized and sometimes even avoided altogether. Seeing a healer
when the healer can best evaluate not only your current health but where you are headed in
the coming months and years can lead to better health and a happier life!

All maintenance appointments are free in the Complete Care Plan. Maintenance
appointments are set by the Naturopath, other appointments can be made by the patient for a
reduced fee. For first time subscribers there are eight maintenance appointments. There are
four appointments, each one week apart, during the first month and four more spaced out
over the remainder of the year, once every nine to ten weeks. Each of these appointments
can take a half hour.

Seeing a Naturopath once a week for four weeks allows a base line for your care to be
established. This base line is important for your care over the years to come as it shows how
the body and the mind respond to daily stress, how hormones might effect the system, and
what immediate effects any herbs might be having.

Seeing a Naturopath once every nine to ten weeks allows the Naturopath to see how illness
can develop in a particular person over the course of the year and take steps to prevent those
illnesses and imbalances. Allergies, aches and pains, and colds and flu can be fought off
before symptoms appear. This can mean the problems never arrive or that they are
diminished more and more each time they appear until they are gone. The signs of some
illnesses show up months before symptoms appear, not due to being sick, but because the
weaknesses in the body are more apparent at particular times of the year. These weaknesses
can lead to health issues later in the year if they are not caught and treated early.

For those in their second year or beyond, there are five maintenance appointments set by the
Naturopath, about once every ten weeks. These are a continuation of the appointments from
the first year. There is no need to repeat the first four appointments again and this lowers cost
after year one. Maintenance care keeps body and mind in great condition and allows
caregiver and patient to focus on long term care issues, like preventing inherited health

All other appointments are determined by the patient! If a toothache, a cold, or even a more
serious situation arises, making an appointment right away is important not only for the sake
of healing from the immediate issue but for long term care as well. Some will take fifteen
minutes, some thirty minutes. The length of the appointment will be determined by the
Naturopath. The fee for these appointments is greatly reduced with 30 minute long
appointments costing only $25.00 for adults or $20.00 for a child.
This is a plan to create better health, greater energy, and a better outlook on life. The body
and mind work together creating the environment in which we all live. By altering health for
the better, mental health can also improve leading to a happier and even smarter life. The
Naturopath's Complete Care Plan is designed to help you do just that—lead a happier,
healthier, smarter life.

Also Included with the Plan:
1.) Yearly Cholesterol and Triglyceride tests.
2.) Yearly A1C and Glucose tests.
3.) Yearly Physical exam.

For first time subscribers, or those who have taken a year of more off, the fee is $525.00. For
those who are in their second, third, or more year, the fee is $375.00
Patient made appointments are:

For Adults:
$15.00 for fifteen minutes
$25.00 for thirty minutes

For Children (Under the age of 18):
$10.00 for fifteen minutes
$20.00 for thirty minutes
5% off all holistic medications.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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